Meet the Management & Staff

You’ll find high-quality fitness programs for adults of all abilities at Signature Fitness. Whether you want to gain strength and flexibility, lose weight, improve your nutrition or enhance your overall health, our expert staff will help you meet your goals.

Tina Fodera

General Manager

Tina started in the industry as a Personal Trainer over 20 years ago. Being a health advocate and an athlete made this career the perfect fit for her lifestyle. In 2003 Tina began her career at Signature fitness and now serves as the General Manager. She has a great staff that shares her enthusiasm, and makes Signature more than just a gym or a place of work.

Chris Dinapoli

Operations/Sales Manager

Chris has been an athlete nearly his whole life. Chris started playing football at a young age and took the sport all the way to playing at the collegiate level, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a minor in psychology. Chris has been working at Signature since 2010 in various roles including operations and sales. Chris works and lives by the motto: “continuously building stronger versions of ourselves”.

Adem Kerluku

Facilities Manager & Building Superintendent

Adem has over 25 years of experience in building construction and management. He joined the Signature team in 2016 and has since made significant improvements to the facility including overseeing and building out a new state of the art spinning studio. Adem’s work has already been physically demanding and he feels so lucky to come to work everyday where he feels he is encouraged to lead a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Tanasia DeJesus

Pro Shop Manager, Accounting Assistant & Purchasing Agent

Tanasia earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from William Paterson University of New Jersey. After passing the NATABOC certification exam, she became a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer in the state of NJ. She hopes to continue her education and obtain her masters degree of business and science with a concentration in kinesiology and applied physiology. Tanasia was first hired two years ago to open the Signature Pro Shop after working at a local GNC. Along her journey at Signature Fitness she not only became the manager of the Signature Pro Shop but she is also the gym’s accounting assistant and purchasing agent.

Sport specific strength training and proprioception exercises to improve muscle balance and strength are a personal favorite of hers. Tanasia enjoys working with athletes of all levels. She has experience working with high school and collegiate athletes from various sports teams including football, baseball, softball, wrestling, women’s field hockey, men’s and women’s soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, cross country and track and field.

Guy Finetto


Guy has been a controller for small businesses for over 25 years. He understands the essence of a business through detailed focus on financials, and uses this knowledge to help guide Signature Fitness management to create the best experience possible for its members. Guy prioritizes state of the art facilities for the gym by advising on new equipment purchases and maintenance of current equipment. His affinity for numbers fits well in a gym environment where the members are all interested in numbers that are important to them, be it bodyweight, number of reps, barbells and plates, etc. The gym work environment is an excellent lifestyle fit as fitness and health are two important life values. Having participated in several Tough Mudders, Rugged Maniacs, half marathon, 10K and 5k races, Guy is continually motivated at the gym to stay fit and healthy.

Wiliam Blazeski

Director of Strength & Conditioning

Will is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Competitive Powerlifter/Strongman! Will's fitness journey began like many others. When he was young he struggled with weight and never knew what to do about it. That was until he discovered the weight room during high school and began to weight train seriously. By Will's junior year he had become totally engulfed in training and constantly pushed himself to new limits. This sparked a new passion, which led him to study at the University of Massachusetts where he graduated with a degree in Public Health with a concentration in Kinesiology. Will joined the Signature Fitness team to help those around him achieve their athletic goals. With each step in your competitive journey he will work with you to create peak performance and athleticism both mentally and physically.

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”
― William Blake

Rafael Delacruz

Membership Consultant & Personal Training Manager

Fitness has always been a passion of mine. I started working out when I was 16 years old. Obtained my NASM in personal training after which I worked for crunch in Hoboken and in NYC on the Lower East Side. Two years ago I competed in my first bodybuilding Physique competition where I took 4th in my class and 4th in overall out of 33 competitors. I have extensive experience with 10 years in customer service, eight of which were in management. My experience has taught me that helping others is one of the greatest rewards. I have always lived my life to the fullest one adventure after another. From surfing, to rock climbing, to canyoneering. “If life is an adventure, then the gym is where you prepare for it”.

Stephanie Cortese

Membership Consultant & Social Media Manager

Stephanie has been a member of Signature Fitness for over 9 years and joined the team in 2018. Signature Fitness has been her second home, where she discovered her love for working out and staying healthy. This has been her home gym through my college years, alumni years and now motherhood years. You can find Stephanie in the membership office where she’s more than happy to assist you and take care of all your membership needs. Stephanie is also our social media manager.

Celerino Orpilla Jr. “Ler”

Operations Staff & Trainer

Ler wears many hats at the gym, helping maintain gym equipment as well as teaching awesome fitness classes and contributing to the design of various marketing collateral for Signature Fitness. You can find him teaching a number of strength and conditioning classes at the gym. Ler has worked at Signature Fitness since 2010.

Danielle Toader

Group Fitness Director

Danielle is the Lead Spin Instructor. She teaches Bootcamp, Hiit and ICG spin classes set to fun music videos. Her classes are focused and intense as she guides riders through a challenging ride experience. You are sure to sweat, breathe and feel great in her classes.

Annie Feldman

VP Growth & Marketing

Michelle Petersen

Yoga Director

Michelle graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's degree in Social Welfare and found her niche working with people through yoga. Michelle is an Certified Advanced Dharma yogi and has been teaching since August 2010. Whether teaching a small or large group, Michelle brings an attentiveness to each student. Her classes encourage mindful movement of the body and invite students to explore who they are each time they step on the mat. She creates sequences imbued with traditional asanas and attention to detail. Whether students want to change their body, are looking for a cleaner lifestyle or some ‘me’ time, she is present for that experience. Michelle nurtures the inner teacher / healer in her students. Everybody is unique and her goal is to help each client awaken to their life with a balanced body, a clear mind and an inspired sense of being.

Meet the Instructors

We demand the best from our instructors, so they can demand the best from you. Our instructors have to meet high standards of excellence in exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy, training program development, exercise application, health screening, and fitness assessments. But most importantly, our instructors excel at applying their knowledge to all walks of life, from athletes to seniors.


Spin Instructor

Diego Tome started cycling competitive cycling at 7 years old. He would prepare for competitions during the summer by practicing indoors. Diego purchased his first indoor cycling equipment at 16 years old. He joined Signature Fitness 6 months ago and was inspired by the spin instructors and trained in Intensive Interval training. Diego enjoys teaching HIIT classes and his goal is to help others achieve their fitness goals and have a great time while doing so.

Dana Citro

Group Exercise Instructor

Dana’s career as a very accomplished hair stylist and her focus on making people feel better about themselves is what led her to become a spin instructor. After taking spin classes she realized she could show students how to live a heathier lifestye. In 2015 Dana got her Spin Instructor Certification and has been teaching ever since.

Dana works with all ages in her classes. Her up to date high energy music will motivate and inspire you, experiencing energetic uplifting workouts, constant support and challenging routines. She is a source of positive reinforcement; coaching every step of the way. Dana feels that it is important to exercise and eat healthy.

Ann Maggio

Yoga Instructor

Ann is a recently certified yoga teacher through the Heart of Yoga Teacher Training. As a yoga practitioner, Ann has found the most healing benefits from a gentle and restorative yoga practice. She is excited to teach a gentle and restore class for the SigFit community. Ann brings an emotional intelligence to her teaching and is deeply influenced by the teaching of Satchidananda from Integral yoga in NYC. With the use of props, oils and classic sequencing, she offers a peaceful and relaxing yoga experience.


Yoga Instructor

Kejal has been practicing yoga for over 6 years. She is a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor. She completed the 200-hour training at Sonic Yoga in New York City. Outside of the yoga room, she is a Finance Analyst and has an MBA in Strategy.


Certified yoga (RYT 300), fitness (CPT) and wellness instructor

Maria is a certified yoga (RYT 300), fitness (CPT) and wellness instructor. She began her exploration with yoga over 16 years ago. Maria’s teaching style is intuitive and nourishes the hidden strengths of her students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. Her precise hands on adjustments help students to access and awaken the life force in the dormant areas of the body. You might recognize her from our neon February GLOWGA event!



Fernando’s yoga practices is rooted in the power of healing that exists in our mind and body and all we have to do is learn to harness it. He guides students through an individual journey of unlocking freedom in body, which unlocks the potential of the mind.

Jeff Toledo

Studio 1 Instructor

Jeff is certified as an NASM certified personal trainer since June 2015. He has helped to transform the lifestyle of many clients and believes that anyone can obtain their goals with dedication, focus and perseverance.

Sue Hirsch


Sue is a power yoga instructor. She teaches fun, dynamic and powerful yoga classes. Her sequencing is creative and playlists are fun. If you want to breathe, move and sweat through a powerful yoga class, Sue is your guide. Come practice with her Sundays at 9:15am.

Danielle Rodriquez

Spin and Boot Camp Instructor

I have been teaching a variety of Group Exercise classes since 2008. I am AFAA , Spin Mad Dog, Keiser , TRX and Zumba certified. Some of the formats I teach are Cardio kickboxing, Boot Camp/HIIT, Spin, Strength Training, Zumba and soon to teach Strong by Zumba. I teach because I am passionate about motivating others and look forward to experiencing my members results together. That in itself makes me feel complete and keeps me pushing forward to help others. I am often asked where I get my energy from and I simply say, passion.


Studio 1 Instructor

Bio and Pic coming soon


Studio 1 Instructor

Bio and Picture Coming soon

Meet the Trainers

We demand the best from our personal trainers, so they can demand the best from you. Our personal trainers have to meet high standards of excellence in exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy, training program development, exercise application, health screening, and fitness assessments. But most importantly, our personal trainers excel at applying their knowledge to all walks of life, from athletes to seniors.

Elona Popova

Personal Trainer

I’ve been into sports my whole life. I am a former tennis pro & USNTA certified tennis instructor. During my years I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition as it goes hand in hand with being a professional athlete. The past 10 years I’ve been training athletes, as well as fitness enthusiasts and those who are trying to find a passion for fitness or who are trying personal training for their very first time.
I am NFPT & AAA/ISMA master certified Personal Trainer. My focus is to motivate, inspire and encourage you along the way in order for you to reach and tell your success story.


Joshua Maslag

Personal Trainer

Joshua Maslag is a Certified Personal Trainer by the NCCPT and has an Associate’s degree in Exercise Science. He is currently continuing his education in exercise physiology at William Paterson University. His ultimate goal is to enter graduate school for Bio-medical Science with a concentration in perfusion. Joshua has experience working with people with injuries and preexisting conditions but also loves to train athletes who are working to increase their strength, speed, and agility. He will be a perfect match to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Kenny Reilly

Personal Trainer

I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Attending Montclair State University, I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education in 2012. Teaching Physical Education full time in East Orange since 2012 has been my main focus but I always train a few older individuals at SigFit to keep my mind and body sharp. Growing up I played soccer, basketball, football and baseball in Lyndhurst and at Queen of Peace High School. My experience consists of working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains including weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, wellness coaching, nutrition, and endurance training. I believe that a proper balance of resistance training, cardio, and nutrition will simply put your body in better condition overall. Being a trainer for the past 10 years has given me the opportunity to work with many different individuals with fitness goals varying from extreme weight loss(100+lbs) to prepping for bodybuilding shows and everything in between. I enjoy a challenge and love helping people improve their lifestyles mentally and physically.

Favorite Quote:
“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

Favorite Shake:
Up Your Mass & Custom Post Workouts

Favorite Workout:
HIIT Variations & German Volume Training

Upon Request

Nathally Lopez

Personal Trainer

Nathally’s passion for fitness started at a very young age. Since high school she has been trained by a professional strength and condition coach and many fitness experts who constantly shared their knowledge throughout training. She was fascinated by the world of fitness, so she decided to continue expanding her knowledge for this passion at Montclair State University where she studied the multidisciplinary healthcare profession of Athletic Training for 4 years. There she interned with Certified Athletic Trainers and worked with a variety of high school and college level athletes. Her duties included prevention, emergency care, clinically diagnosing, management and rehabilitation of sports related injuries. During these years she also worked at sports clubs and supplement stores where she gathered further insight on the concepts of fitness and optimal human function. Upon finishing her course work in Athletic Training, Nathally decided to take on personal training and expanded her knowledge in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine by obtaining her certifications with NASM and NCEP. Nathally made it a goal to apply all her knowledge to her own lifestyle and her clients and constantly expresses the importance of the benefits of training; physical and mental health, vitality, and confidence.
Favorite body part to train: Glutes! Glutes! Glutes!
Favorite Supplements: Probiotics and Caffeine
Favorite Snack: Spinach and Gyminies Protein Cookie
Favorite Quote: “Make the best out of what you were given”

Jamile Olivera

Personal Trainer

My name is Jamile (Milla)
My passion in fitness had started many years ago, first doing gymnastics since I was seven years old, all the way to my education in
health and fitness.
I'm well traveled and speak 5 languages and experience in public relations.
My passion grew strong with competition and coaching clients, seeing their progress and their happiness with the accomplishment of
my work.
My expertise includes:
Strength Hypertrophy, physique transformation weight loss, Geriatric , Pregnancy & Postpartum, kids and also obesity.
My favorite supplement is Yohimbe which helps to stimulate fat burn and also energy levels.
Favorite body part to train is shoulders and gluteus.
(You body follows your commands. Your motivation has been always inside of yourselves!!).

Ricardo Alves

Personal Trainer

My passion for fitness began the same way as many other fitness enthusiasts. I was an athlete in high school, played soccer for four years and began training during that journey in order to progress and improve myself. Beginning of Freshman year of high school, I knew nothing when it came to weight training. Our head coach would force us to train in the school weight room during the winter to become physically prepared for the upcoming season. His decision to have us weight train was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. It opened up my eyes to how wonderful training is and how much it benefits you. I began to become more committed during Sophomore year and during my Junior year of high school, a friend of mine recommended me to join Signature Fitness. At the time, I was going to a smaller gym in my town, but once I gave Signature a chance, I never looked back. As of now, I’ve been coming here for six years and enjoy every day spent working out. After high school, I decided to stop pursuing soccer and put all my focus into muscular training to look and feel the best I could be. People would often ask me for advice when it came to training and dieting which influenced me to perhaps do this as a profession because it grants me the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better. My desire to help people with their fitness goals is what ultimately led me to become a personal trainer.

Background: I am NCEP Certified, currently pursuing a certification through NASM. Looking to pursue a Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Exercise Science.

Favorite Body Part: Triceps

John Circello

Personal Trainer

My fitness journey started at age 12 and ever since then it’s been my passion to help people achieve their fitness goals and be the best that they can be. I’ve been training for the past 29 years. I have a BA, MA in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Montclair State University. I’m a master trainer certified through NASM and ISSA. Multiple specialties and SEN specialist in fitness nutrition. SET special in exercise therapy. SSE specialist in senior fitness. WFT specialist in youth fitness. SSN specialist in sports nutrition. Pre and Post Natal certified as well. In 2005 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I owe my full recovery to my faith in God. Whatever your fitness goals are let’s do this together and let’s make it happen.

Kyrllos Tofiles

Personal Trainer

Kero is a certified Personal Trainer and ASFA certified Kettlebell Instructor. Kero served in the United States Army with the 101st Airborne
Division stationed out of Fort Campbell completing a combat tour in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, resources can be extremely limited especially with
fitness equipment. Kero learned that he must adapt and overcome in order to maintain combat readiness by using his own Bodyweight and a
Kettlebell. Kero has the ability and skill to show clients how strong they actually by using functional movements that are used for everyday tasks.
Favorite Quote: To grow in life, Learn how to suffer
Favorite Gym Equipement: Kettlebell
Favorite Supplement: Optimen Multivitamin, Creatine.